Wedding video in the Tauranga area
Melissa and Shayne Wedding video in Tauranga

Melissa & Shayne

Melissa and Shayne had a beautiful wedding at their family's home in the hills above Katikati in the Bay of Plenty. There are some wonderful moments captured throughout the day that tell the story so well.

Hayley & Cameron – Old Forest School

Hayley and Cameron were married just prior to Christmas at Old Forest School. It was a relaxed day with family and friends. Some beautiful sky at sunset and a field just down the road from the venue made for some great shots.

Leah & Ben – Olive Tree Cottage, Tauranga

Leah and Ben had an amazing wedding at Olive Tree Cottage. Emotional, inspiring and beautiful. These guys were crazy in love and so much fun. I enjoyed every minute of their amazing day.

Ella & William – Ataahua, Tauranga

Ella and William were married in Autumn at the beautiful Aatahua. We shot in several locations with the photographer - but the colours on the day were amazing. They are a vibrant, fun couple who had an awesome wedding.

Rachael & Warren – Ataahua, Tauranga

Rachael and Warren were married at Ataahua in Pyes Pa. It was a gorgeous day in the middle of summer with some stunning sunset shots. I love the first look at the beach in Papamoa East - with the family more excited than anyone else. Wedding Videographer, Tauranga, Video.

Kristy & Jaime – Ataahua, Tauranga

Kristy and Jaime had a gorgeous wedding at Ataahua. I love the shots in the long grass and the way the ceremony come out. They had a great reception when went on long into the night.

Michaela & Adam – Old Forest School

Michaela and Adam were married at Old Forrest School in early November 2017. They have been together since they were 16 years old. They were a fantastic young couple who we're relaxed and happy to go with the flow of the day. Their first look was one of the best. And the buttercup shots in the forest contrasted so well with the style of wedding dress and Adam's suspenders and white shirt. The thing I really like is how even the most overcast day can produce the most stunning images. Light is our friend and foe at weddings.

Emma & Danyon – Old Forest School

Emma and Danyon were married at Old Forest School. Like most of the wedding films at this spectacular venue, the shots are always beautiful and rustic. This was a relaxed and fun wedding and the whole day had a magically vibe. Emma and Danyon were great to work with,

Maria & James – Old Forest School

Maria and James were married at Old Forest School. Maria is Dane Coles sister, whose wedding I filmed a year or so earlier. This wedding film begins with an awesome Haka.

Jasmine & Cory – Old Forest School

Jasmine and Cory were married at Old Forest School. Jasmine and Cory had an amazing day and their wedding film reflects their gregarious nature and fun-loving personalities. The opening car scene is unique and very cool. Some great shots in the middle of the film among the trees using a drone. The reception has some fun moments - and not even heavy rain stopped the dancing until late.

Jennifer & Brian – Old Forest School

Jen and Brian were married at Old Forest School

Kesten & Ben – Old Forest School

Kesten and Ben were married at Old Forest School. This was my very first wedding ! I still rate it as one of my absolute favorites wedding films. I spent a long time planning how to film it and nothing went to plan. But we got some fantastic shots and once in post production, it all came together. I'm really proud of this wedding film and it single-handed launched the whole business for me. A big thanks to Kesten and Ben

Nicole & Brendan – Eagle Ridge, Tauranga

Nicole and Brendan were married at Eagle Ridge. A winter wedding with family and friends. It was a beautiful and intimate ceremony and relaxed day. Wedding Videographer, Eagle Ridge

Leigh-Anne & Brent – Fountain Gardens, Tauranga

Leigh-Anne and Brent were married at Fountain Gardens. They had a large bridal party who were great fun to work with. Both Lee lee and Brent were relaxed and went with the flow for the day. I really love the dancing shots and the change to Black and White - which when I was editing just seemed to fit the mood of the song and the footage. I pull it back to colour as I didn't want to overplay it - but the desired effect is to draw you deeper into the scene and I think it does well. I'm always thinking creatively about the best way to drive the story.

Nikki and Jamie – Te Puna, Tauranga

Nikki and Jamie were married at the family home in Te Puna. This was an incredibly fun wedding with family and friends. Spot the groom back-flipping the bride in one of the opening scenes. Says it all about this wonderful couple.

Kristy & James – Olive Tree Cottage, Tauranga

Kristy and James had a beautiful wedding at Bethlehem College Chapel and the reception at Olive Tree Pyes Pa. The weather was a bit hit and miss - so lots of shots on the run. I like the way this wedding film gets in close with the lens. It shows wedding films don't need to be complex to be cinematic and beautiful. Simplicity and good post production is what makes this wedding film stand out. They were a fantastic young couple to work with. I like way the story flows and it's such an easy wedding film to watch and enjoy.

Cameron & Megan – Eagle Ridge

Cameron and Megan were married in Bethlehem College Chapel and held the reception at Eagle Ridge

Rachel & James – Mills Reef, Tauranga

Rachel and James were married at Bethlehem Chapel and Mills Reef. It was a very wet day with no chance to get outdoor shots after the ceremony. We found a quiet spot among the wine barrels instead at Mills Reef, and used some lighting to add drama and beauty. They were a fantastic couple who regardless of the weather (and slowly flooding reception venue) had a amazing wedding.

Carrie & Jamie – Old Forest School

Carrie and Jamie were married at Old Forest School

Chelsea & Taylor – Katikati

Young Love. There's something really amazing about two beautiful young people getting married. I could have made the worst possible wedding film, and it still would have been fantastic. Chelsea and Taylor's love comes through in almost every moment. They are such a genuine couple and were incredibly easy to work with. Filmed at Chelsea's family home neat Katikati, it was a perfect spot with a multitude of locations to film.

Zoe & Zane – Olive Tree Cottage, Tauranga

Zoe and Zane were married in Tauranga at the Olive Tree Cottage. The wedding day was raining heavily - so I offered to do some extra filming one afternoon after the wedding with their dogs along the beach around sunset. This was because the photographer and I struggled to get bridal shots on the day due to the weather. I think this is a perfect example about how a wedding film can integrate footage and that we will always make sure we create a wonderful wedding film. Zoe and Zane were brilliant and fun and didn't let the atrocious weather on the day dampen their spirits or wedding one bit.

Amanda & Dave – Old Forest School

Alice in Wonderland inspired wedding. A gorgeous wedding and both Amanda and Dave were fantastic. Their frivolity and love was captured perfectly. I know how much effort they put into the details for their wedding day, so it was important to capture those details. I wanted to create something that was a nod to the theme, without it being cheesy. The opening music gives it a real cinematic feel with the smoke machine in the forest and costumes. But I bring it back down to a more simple and meaningful soundtrack to compliment the moments - and to not overwhelm the creativity of the wedding day itself

Ella & Andrew – Mills Reef, Tauranga

Ella and Andrew were married in Tauranga

Katrina & Ben – L’Orange, Tauranga

Katrina & Ben were married at
L'Orange in Tauranga

Alana & Grant – Old Forest School

Alana and Grant were married at Old Forest School

Amie & Elliot – Old Forest School

Amie and Elliot were married at Old Forest School